I know that people who appear in court are there to deal with major life events that can be highly stressful and life altering.  In my courtroom, you can expect:


Judges have the opportunity on a daily basis to change someone’s life. I have built my career treating people fairly, without prejudice, and with the understanding that anyone can stumble over life’s hurdles. I will continue to adhere to those same high standards while presiding over the cases that come before me.


Given the nature of the office, judges wield tremendous power. I know that with great power comes great responsibility. In addition to efficiently managing my court docket, I will ensure that litigants treat all persons in the court process with dignity and respect.


As a prosecutor for more than two decades, I have been the voice for vulnerable victims of crime.  The majority of my professional life has been focused on working with individuals who have experienced trauma.  My diverse professional experience gives me the ability to find the balance between understanding the various issues that bring individuals before the court, protecting the constitutional rights of both victims and defendants, and holding people accountable for their actions. As a judge, I will listen carefully to the facts of the case, apply the facts to the law, and render sound and knowledgeable decisions. I know the effectiveness of treatment courts in creating safer communities, and will utilize specialty courts when individuals express a desire for necessary treatment for addiction, mental health, or domestic violence, so long as the criteria for participation is met. I will deliver those decisions with compassion, empathy, and understanding.

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