The Candidate

Michelle L. Richardson

Michelle L. Richardson

I am running for 10th District Court Judge because I want to continue to serve the citizens of Calhoun County. I have dedicated most of my professional career to working with and for the citizens in my community.

My entire professional career has been focused on service. While attending college at Michigan State University, I spent weekends and holidays working in a psychiatric unit of the local hospital, until my graduation in 1991. Upon graduation, I became a social worker, serving in a child welfare setting in Wayne and Oakland Counties. When I moved to Berrien County, I worked with individuals suffering from severe mental illness as a case manager and team leader.

I went to law school in 1997 with one goal: to obtain a legal education to better enable me to serve my community. Since graduating from Wayne State University Law School in 1999, I have spent each day as a lawyer doing just that – working as a prosecutor fighting for justice in some of the most dangerous communities within the state. At the same time, I gave of myself while working with charitable organizations that empower the most vulnerable citizens in our society.

As an attorney with over 20 years of experience, I am fully prepared to step into a judicial position. My legal career involves over 16 years of managing a busy courtroom docket, both in district and circuit courts. Not every court is the same, and with experience in Calhoun, Genesee and Wayne Counties, I have seen what works for citizens and what does not. Nearly each day of my career was spent in the courtroom, working directly with victims, defendants, witnesses, attorneys, court staff, and community professionals to ensure a legal and just process.

Since 2016, I have had the privilege of working as a Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of Michigan, leading a specialized team in re-investigating cases where there were untested rape kits. Each aspect of cold case work requires special skill, attention, and awareness of the traumatic response to sexual violence, along with extensive legal knowledge and advocacy. I’ve helped victims through the process of seeking long overdue justice and holding individuals accountable for their violent crimes. My focus continues to be the safety of the community while ensuring everyone’s due process rights to a fair and just legal system.

I am uniquely qualified to serve Calhoun County as 10th District Court Judge. My wealth of experience goes beyond litigating cases and includes working with victims, other attorneys, police agencies, and community organizations, like Sexual Assault Services, SafePlace, Woman’s Co-op and Summit Pointe. I am known as tough, fair, reasonable, knowledgeable, and also personable. Above all else, I am ethical and prepared.

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